Hagana Ezrahit is a common sense resources guide about
Civilian Defense and Emergency Preparedness in Israel


Two Way Radios

The Motorola MOTOTLKR T3 handheld, license free walkie talkie is typical of what we would recommend for emergency short range communications. Inexpensive and easy to operate, a network of these radios in your neighborhood can provide rapid essential communications needed to mobilize an emergency response plan when needed, for anything from a lost child to a wide spread disaster. There are more sophisticated radios available, but none of the unlicensed Private Mobile Radios transmit at more than the 500 milliwatts available with the T3. If you do decide to go with one of the more sophisticated radios, for the other advanced features they have, keep in mind that in an emergency involving an electrical power outage, you will not be able to recharge the rechargeable batteries that some of these units have. Make sure that whatever radio you choose can be powered by readily available, replaceable alkaline batteries such as AA’s or AAA’s. These radios are available at electronic distributers throughout Israel starting at about NIS 200 for a pair.

Portable Radios

A portable radio may indeed be your only link to news and information in the event of an emergency. You should choose a radio with a speaker (not a walkman/headphone radio) so you can share listening with a group of people. These radios almost always have a headphone jack, so private listening is always an option. A “boom box” with CD and cassette player is not recommended, since they are larger and bulkier to carry around, and consume batteries faster. A radio with shortwave bands is recommended in the event that local broadcasters are disabled. There are also radios with “wind-up” power, that will operate without batteries. There are plenty of suitable radios available at electronic and appliance stores throughout Israel.
Our recommendation for a radio perfectly suited for this use is the Sangean MMR-77.